What’s your name?

- hana macdonald

How old are you?

- 15 years old, two months till my drivers permit  

Where are you from?

- I’m from Australia, down under ;) 

What is your favorite animal?

- bunnies i have two! beanie & biscuit

Check my blog out?

- Of course, i will just ask me to!

Any sort of compliments!

-  i love these’s they make me feel amazing, and i will post everyone single one of them!

Any sort of hate!

- um yeah fuck you, i don’t give a shit!

You’re stealing peoples pictures!

- DISCLAIMER do not own any of these photos unless stated otherwise!

Help with HTML coding?

- I don’t mind helping, but I do prefer you ask off anon.

What were your previous URL’s?

- hanamacdonald